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Status: A work in progress. Currently: UConn, Chemical Engineering, Skiing

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"National Potato Blog"

I’m going to Idaho for an internship at Idaho National Lab.  This blog will cover my road trips to and from Idaho and my time there.  None of my work - that’s classified/secure shit - but my exploration, adventures, new friends, old friends, national park shit, and just crazy Idaho stuff!



everyone should follow Nathan’s blog about his experiences as an intern in Mumbai!

i’m fascinated by these journeys abroad :)

FOLLOW NATHAN.  HE’S FUNNY (settin the bar high, nato)


Ira Glass Quote

this applies to me and it hurts to realize it.  damn.
do want


h4ilstorm: Brother’s Creek, West Vancouver March 12 2011 -1 (by Pat Mulrooney)

skinning with dogs is the best